“I find myself driven by a passion to leverage the things God has graciously taught me in the last 36 years of ministry to bring Him the maximum glory. I have positioned my life to become a resource for pastors, and to provide written resources for churches with a view toward sound doctrine—and our ultimate accounting at the Judgment Seat of Christ.”

Training Pastors in The Uttermost

In Corinthians 16:9, Paul talked about “a great and effectual door” that had been opened to him. For years in the ministry, I’m not sure I understood exactly what he meant by that statement. Through the door God has opened to me in Malawi, Africa—I now get it! Here’s what I mean…

I am producing resource material that is being used as part of my on-going training of 143 pastors in Malawi through a ministry we call the Passion Center for Pastors. We are trusting that the material I am presently providing for their training will become a published, three-volume study in Malawi in the Chichewa language entitled, “52 Weeks of Pursuit.” It is a resource designed to take someone who is in pursuit of God through the Bible in a year—employing the Keys of Bible Study (Available here under Free Resources). In the fall of 2016, we are trusting the Lord for this tool to be available, not only in Chichewa—but English, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese and several Indian languages, both in hard copy and e-book formats.